Pro Extensions - Low Cost

MultiTransPlus - $10.00

Adds Flags- 5 sizes
For Drawers,Panels Dropdowns.
Includes component for modifying translations.

EasyScriptPro - $10.00

Adds scripts and styles on per page basis in addition to the site wide options in the standard version. More control for <meta> tags. Embed blocks of content.

EasyAccordionPro - $7.00

Enhanced graphics and preset styles to speed up design. Increased number of panels for content.

  • Extensions created with common features.

  • Graphics such as backgrounds & borders.

  • Joomlas update system - maintain your site with minimum effort.

  • Responsive Support.

  • Mon-Fri - 24hrs

  • Weekends - a little longer.

Standard Extensions - Free


Versatile login module. Horizontal or vertical mode. Graphical buttons, surrounds and backgrounds. Change text and input box size.

Blank Module

Allows extra flexibility with a few controls to make it simple to place your code and content. ( Accepts HTML/CSS/Javascript or PHP plus articles)


Provides access to Bing/Google translation servers. Make your site accessible to most of the worlds population.


An easy to setup tagloud with customizable graphics options. Change fonts, sizes and colours. Selectable content. Exclusions list.


No need to mess with your template to add CSS links or JS URL. Add anything. Some other simple to use tools.


Easy to create versatile dropdown drawer. Pop your content into a text box and choose from a selection of buttons or use one of your own.
( Accepts HTML/CSS/Javascript )

Easy Accordion

The simple way to create an accordion. Just put your content and title into a text box in the backend and that's it.
( Accepts HTML/CSS/Javascript )